this will be the longest entry ever.....make note.

Had a few health problems in early July; after a trip to the Mayo clinic, I can announce that I have a brain tumor just above my pituitary gland. It is not cancerous nor growing any larger, but it is something that will be monitored with frequent MRIs and blood scans. To date, the only lasting side effect of the tumor, was that it has killed the rear section of my pituitary gland that controls my kidney functions---I will have to take hormone supplements to control this problem but the whole situation could have been a lot worse than it is.

In other news, the company that I work for, GMAC, is in the process of eliminating my field position which means that if I want to stay with the company I will have to move to Denver, Colorado. I have not made any decisions yet. But enough about me, what is going on with you?
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I am Rip Van Wrinkle

I have really been out of touch, haven't I? What is going on with you two gorgeous women? Please e-mail me---- I miss you guys, hell I even miss "school."
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April dear,

I ran into Meg Simonton like months ago---I am such a bad person because I lost the email addy that she gave me. She would like for you to email her---hopefully, this information gets to you--her address is: dodley@earthlink.net

Other than that, Sorry for being such a terrible friend and online conversationist. I have not posted in eons. What is everyone up to?
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new job

The USDA gave me the axe due to budget cuts---came out okay though with the new gig at GMAC Financing Servicing. I hate to fly and will be required to fly into Seattle all the time, but they will furnish me with a company car and some cool other *perks*. My field area will be Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon, so I will still be out and about. There are opportunties to use one's degree.

*Dancing around the PC*

I have to take a piss test (which Dan tells me that I have to pee in front of a stranger in order to secure a *clean* sample) Yay! Sign me up......
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weight issues

the holidays was not kind to my waist line--this frightens me. I have gained 15 pounds since I graduated in 2002 and I need to do a _major_ crash diet. How many calories does it take to exist? (sigh) No, I would not go that far, but I do entertain the thought.
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the weather and chevys....

this entry will in no way be as glam or as sexy as my prior entry; however, it is funny and I feel like sharing. A Chevy pickup may be "built like a rock" and pass every border inspection, but one thing that it will never accomplish.....Starting in the cold weather. After _seven_ attempts this moring, my 1977 Chevy Pickup finally sprang to life. Only then to scare me with its demonic heater that only worked in medium mode. But it too was frozen because the heating belt let out this painstakingly _loud_ grinding noise sounded a lot like finger nails going down a chalk board. This continued for 15 minutes as I bailed from the cab, fully expected my vehicle to self-combust at any moment. Once it had finally stopped dying and the heater returned to normal, I promptly stomped around to all four tires in 6 inches of packed snow (Dan refuses to clean out his drive-way) and kicked each and every one of them, calling the pickup and its heater every name in the book imaginable. Once I had calmed down a bit, I noticed that I had an audience. Not only had Dan been watching my tirade, but the entire neighborhood as well.
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Lucious Secrets.....

It amazes me how a simple Body pampering trip to the mall becomes a Shaping and mind altering voyage. One parody that I noticed while at the mall tonight with the girls, was that men will carefully place themselves outside of Victoria's voluptious garden, eager to see the colors of sex, passion, love, lust. Seductive blues wrapped delicatly around perfectly shaped manequins, beconing the curious and the timid to step away from the sanitized mall, and to try the sedectly erotic feeling of Victoria's Secret.

And now that I have set the stage, I can let 'yall down and tell you that until Sunday the 4th of January, you can own a piece of this lucious satin for $25.99 (25% off the regular sticker price)!

(and you laughed at me when I asked about what size of NUTS would qualify for your cookie dough website. I managed to write about my bra in a non-everyday manner) :)
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(no subject)

Summer hun, you are dilusional, but good luck getting everything done today! I just finshed Howard's Russian History midterm.....It's definetly in the bag.

Summer, I have to run after school.....Coffee tomorrow after five, or after break? Just give my cell a call. You need to sleep anyways. *smile*
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